We are a Coaxial Cable Manufacturer since 2002, providing customized coaxial cable business.

Coaxial Cable We Make For Business
We are a Coaxial Cable Manufacturer since 2002, providing customized coaxial cable business.
Our Coaxial Cables are some of the best you’ll find – they’ve earned MIL-C-17 and other certifications.
We even source some of our raw materials from the US to ensure quality.
Over 150 different cables are available, and we welcome your OEM/ODM requests. Samples are generally finished in four to 5 days.
Clients from over 50 countries and regions already make us their choice for cables.
These kinds of cable are typically 50 ohm coaxial cables used in wireless communication, RF and microwave transmission, data transmission and instrumentation control...
TV coaxial cable is widely used for CCTV, Video,Security System,CATV/MATV,and satellite application.CATV (Community Antenna Television) and MATV (Master Antenna Television) ...
Semi Flexible Coaxial Cable is used for internal connection in black box, base station of mobile, delay line, microwave, radio-frequency equipment and all other electronic equipment...
75 Ohm Telecommunication coaxial cables, specially designed for digital telephone exchange and interconnection of telecommunication equipment, in a range of telecommunication systems...
Mini Coaxial Cables (Micro Coax Cable) are Extremely small diameter and space-saving, have excellent electrical performance, preventing from electromagnetic wave...
These kinds of wire and cable are used for wiring in aerocraft and internal connection in electric and communication equipments, instruments and other fixtures working at high temperature...
Focus on Overall Quality

Quality is a natural principle of the obligation that serves as a foundation for our company.
ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004, CE, UL, RoHS, etc.

Quality Management
For every project conferences led by the quality manager are conducted with the experts and include clients to review project specifics, logistics, and schedule.
Quality Assurance
We established a quality management system as required by international certifications, created documentation and constructed a system for our company.
Quality Control
Our quality control program is a technological approach with consistent monitoring of quality throughout the manufacturing process.
UL-E245578 ISO14001-EN ISO9001-EN CE-certification
Figures and Facts
Production Plants
Years in Business
Capacity Per Month
Experts in the Field
Efficiency From The Very First Step
We have the full control over our process, from raw material to cable cutting to finishes, as all the product phases, such as design, engineering, product development and production, are made exclusively by us in our plant, 
which allows us to:
  • Keep full traceability of our final product
  • Assure high quality product level
  • Customer-oriented production
  • Quick reaction to market requirements
100% Quality From Prototype To Volume Production
We have a thorough quality control process to ensure everything is checked and approved before leaving our factory. Also, we have a high environmental awareness with all of our products RoHS, REACH compliant & CPR Regulation.
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Given that coaxial cables and HDMI cables are the two most popular cables in TVs, how should we choose between these two cables? What makes them recognized by the public? What is the difference between coax cable and high-definition multimedia interface cable?

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How does Coaxial Cable Work and its Classifications
December 11, 2019

How does coaxial cable work? The coaxial cable is divided into four layers from the inside to the outside: the center copper wire, the plastic insulator, the mesh conductive layer and the wire sheath. But if you want to know exactly how it works keep reading.

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April 11, 2018

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Differences in coaxial cable construction
May 13, 2019

î CATV cable construction Broadband CATV (or MATV) signals typically use a series 59 or series 6 type coaxial cable, or drop cable. These cables use either a copper or a CCS center conductor. The dielectric is always a foamed insulation. The shield construction is always an aluminum foil + aluminum

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