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High Speed Braiding Machine
The braid, consisting of several conductive wires, for different type of coax cables, for different application, we are using Copper wire, Aluminum wire even the Silver plated Copper wire.
There are more than 100 braiding machine, including the 24 carriers, allowing high flexibility and productivity.
The workers themselves operate a visual inspection on the braided cable.
All machines are periodically revised.
For quality Control, our laboratory will inspect each batch of wires and tapes, the Pitch, Elongation, Tensile strength and surface oxidation.
Core Insulation Line
Foamed or solid Polyethylene dielectric is extruded over the inner conductor.
Foamed insulation uses the gas injection technique. This technology results in lower attenuation losses and better life performances of the coaxial cable.
Capacitance and diameter of the dielectric are constantly monitored.
Other parameters of the extrusion machines like : draw number, line speed, extruder temperature, are PC controlled.
The stripping force between inner conductor and dielectric can be detected.
For Quality controls , our laboratory controls periodically the capacitance data shown by the on line instrumentation.
Test Equipments
Our laboratory makes a full test on the finished cable, one reel at 100 m per batch and offer a complete test report, including mechanical and electrical parameters.
1). elongation, tensile strength of inner conductor and outer conductor.
2). construction, Weight, dimensional measurements.
3). attenuation, impedance, Structural Return Loss with Network Analyzers.
4). UV-resistance and fire resistance
5). shore hardness and specific weight of plastic materials

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