Mini Coaxial Cable Structure Diagram
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Mini Coaxial Cable Structure Diagram

The structure of the mini coaxial cables developed for mobile phones is that the center conductor is 42AWG (7/0.025mm) concentrically stranded silver-plated copper alloy wire, and the outer conductor of the horizontal winding package is (about 20/0.03mm) tinned copper alloy wire. Both the insulating layer and the outer sheath are made of soluble polytetrafluoroethylene PFA because fluoroplastics have a relatively low dielectric constant and are suitable for high-frequency transmission. It can reduce the influence of radiation noise and improve the flexibility of the cable itself.

The Structure of Common Models of Miniature Coaxial Cable

Conductormaterial-Tin-copper alloy wireSilver-plated copper alloy wireSilver-plated copper alloy wire
outer diametermm0.250.17
Shieldmaterial-Tin-copper alloy wireTin-copper alloy wireSilver-plated copper alloy wire
outer diametermm0.380.290.205
Characteristic resistance 10MHz-504250
Application-computermobile phone, LCD screencolor ultrasonic diagnostic instrument

Stranding, Diagonal Wrapping And Extrusion

The silver-plated copper alloy wire with 42AWG (7/0.025mm) center conductor is generally twisted with a single twisted bundle machine (Single Twist Buncher), and its uniform wire tension and wire length are the keys to stable back twist.

The diagonally wrapped shielded conductor between the insulation and the sheath uses a Spiral Shield Machine, which requires dozens of ultra thin coax cable to be wrapped at a high speed (3,000RPM), which requires strict tension control capabilities of the equipment.

Considering the low dielectric constant and withstand voltage characteristics of the ultra-fine coaxial cable insulation and outer sheath, as well as the mechanical performance requirements such as heat resistance and bending resistance during terminal processing. Finally, soluble polytetrafluoroethylene PFA with good resin fluidity during ultra-thin extrusion was selected. The cable insulation extrusion line is equipped with high-precision wire tension control equipment to ensure stability during mass production.

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