RG402 Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable
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Product Category

Model: RG402
Inner Conductor: 0.91mm Silver Plated Copper
Dielectric: 2.98mm PTFE
Outer Conductor: 3.58mm Seamless Silver-Plated Copper Tube
Jacket: N/A
Impedance: 50 +/-2 Ohm
PDF: RG402C-SP.pdf

RG402 Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable

RG402 are Semi-rigid coaxial cable,used in wireless communication, broadcast and military equipments for transmission of radio frequency signals.Silver Plated Copper Covered steel as inner conductor,PTFE dielectric,Silver Plated copper as outer conductor,no jacket.
Product Description

Inner conductor: 0.91mm Silver Plated Copper

Dielectric: 2.98mm PTFE
Outer Conductor: 3.58mm Seamless Silver-Plated Copper Tube

Radio Frequency, Telecommunication

More information about RG402, Please view RG402 PDF Specification. 

RG402C-SP.pdf   RG402/U.pdf

RG402C-FEP.pdf  RG402C-PVC.pdf

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