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  • Introduction to coaxial cable

    A coaxial cable is one that consists of two conductors that share a common axis. The inner conductor is typically a straight wire, either solid or stranded and the outer conductor is typically a shield that might be braided or a foil. Coaxial cable is a cable type used to carry radio signals, video

  • Differences in coaxial cable construction

    î CATV cable construction Broadband CATV (or MATV) signals typically use a series 59 or series 6 type coaxial cable, or drop cable. These cables use either a copper or a CCS center conductor. The dielectric is always a foamed insulation. The shield construction is always an aluminum foil + aluminum

  • Cable FAQ

    What does AWG mean?AWG means American Wire Gage, the standard measurement of wire size. Why can't I use aluminum and copper together?In some configurations, they can be used together. In others, they can not. It is common to see copper-clad aluminum, especially in broadband (CATV) and high-frequenc

  • Glossary Of Terms

    --- Term DefinitionA --- AmpereABR --- Available Bit Rate.Abrasion Resistance --- Ability of a wire, cable or material to resist surface wear.Abrasion Stripper ---More accurately described as "buffing stripper", which is a motorized device for removing flat cable insulation by means of one or two

  • Selecting Video Cable

    There are two factors that govern the selection of cable: the location of cable runs, either indoor or outdoor, and the maximum length of the individual cable runs. Video coaxial cable is designed to transmit maximum signaling energy from a 75 ohm source to a 75 ohm load with minimum signal loss. Ex

  • Coaxial Cable Selection for CCTV

    RG-59/U is a designator for 75-ohm impedance coaxial cable of which there are several varieties, each having some slightly different characteristics. There are also other 75 ohm cable types, such as RG-6/U (18 AWG) and RG-11/U (16 AWG). These have larger gauge conductors and are for use where longer

  • LSZH Cable

    What is LSZH? LSZH stands for Low Smoke, Zero Halogens. A low‐smoke, zero‐halogen cable is one in which the jacket and insulation materials are made of special LSZH materials. When these cables come in contact with a flame very little smoke is produced ma

  • UL Product categories

    UL evaluates wire and cable products under more than 70 different product categories, utilizing more than 30 Standards for Safety. This category listing should make discovering what specific requirements apply and how to determine those requirements easier. Category codeCategory name DVVR2Aluminum

  • UL Standard

    Standard Title758Appliance Wiring Material4Armored Cable1425Cables for Non-Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Circuits1424Cables for Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Circuits444Communications Cables1655Community-Antenna Television Cables1690Data-Processing Cable1426Electrical Cables for Boats1277Electrical Power and

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