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  • The 5 ways to select high quality coaxial cables

    1. Check the integrity of the insulating medium. The cross section of the standard coaxial cable is very round, and the outer conductor of the cable and aluminum are affixed to the outer surface of the insulating medium. The more round the outer surface of the medium is, the smaller the gap between

  • Top 8 Coaxial Cable Manufacturers in the world

    Coaxial cable, also known as RF cable, is mainly used for audio, visual and data applications. It is used not only in offices, but also in homes. Technically speaking, this cable carries high-frequency electrical signals with low loss.

  • What is Coaxial Cable RG6 and Its Applications?

    In many different commercial and residential applications, RG-6/U coaxial cable is used. This type of coaxial cable has 75 ohms as its characteristic impedance. The term, RG-6, is used for a different variety of cable designs, and their shielding characteristics may vary from each other.Hongsen Cabl

  • RG316 VS RG174: Which Coaxial Cable Is Suitable for You?

    RG316 and RG174 both are applicable in LAN/WAN or GPS, but do you know their differences? This blog mainly introduces these two coaxial cable specific differences in detail.

  • What is The Specific Difference Between RG6 And RG11

    Coaxial cable is a standard cable for transmitting high-frequency electronic signals.The most commonly used are RG6 and RG11, but many people don't know their differences, and the purpose of this blog is to introduce you to these two products.

  • The Characteristics And Applications of Different Cables in The Digital Broadcasting System

    This article mainly introduces the characteristics and applications of cables in TV digital systems. The content includes but is not limited to digital audio and video standards, digital transmission of twisted-pair shielded cables, and digital transmission of coaxial cables. Click the blog link to view more detailed information!

  • 5 Classifications of Digital TV Coaxial Cables

    In our daily life, we can see TV coaxial cables everywhere, but do you know the difference between them? This blog mainly introduces the differences and connections between the five types of TV coaxial cables. Click the blog link to view details.

  • 12 Tips for Buying Coaxial Cables

    With the widespread use of coaxial cables in daily life, many people need to purchase coaxial cables, but they do not know how to purchase them correctly. This article introduces 12 key points for purchasing coaxial cables, including impedance, frequency, shielding, and wiring. Click on the article for more detailed information.

  • Why Is Micro Coaxial Cable The First Choice for High-speed Transmission Applications?

    This article mainly introduces the advantages of micro coaxial cables in the process of high-speed data transmission, and what are the highlights compared to other wires. Quickly click on the article link to view more detailed information.

  • Market Overview of Mini Coaxial Cables And Ultra-fine Electronic Wire

    This article mainly introduces the market overview of ultra-fine coaxial cables and ultra-fine electronic wire products. Click the link to view more detailed information.

  • Definition, Performance And Application of Miniature Coaxial Cable

    This article mainly introduces the definition, performance and application characteristics of ultra-fine coaxial cable. Quickly click on the article link to view the details.

  • Classification of Miniature Coaxial Cables And Selection of Conductors And Insulating Materials

    This article mainly introduces the classification of miniature coaxial cables and the selection of conductors and insulation materials. The content includes foam insulation, foam extrusion, outer skin extrusion, insulation material selection, etc. Hurry up and click on the article for a more detailed introduction.

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