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  • The Principle of Coaxial Cable Physical Foaming

    This article mainly introduces the physical foaming technology of coaxial cable. The key to physical foaming is to inject gas (nitrogen) into the extruder through high pressure and mix it with the plastic. Click for more information.

    2020 07-03
  • The Advantages And Disadvantages of Coaxial Cable, Twisted Pair And Optical Cable

    Each type of cable has different uses. This article starts from the five aspects of environment, distance, bandwidth, transmission, and capacity, and briefly summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the three most commonly used cables, coaxial cable, twisted pair, and optical cable.

    2020 06-17
  • Should you choose a coaxial cable or a HDMI cable

    Given that coaxial cables and HDMI cables are the two most popular cables in TVs, how should we choose between these two cables? What makes them recognized by the public? What is the difference between coax cable and high-definition multimedia interface cable?

    2020 04-17
  • How does Coaxial Cable Work and its Classifications

    How does coaxial cable work? The coaxial cable is divided into four layers from the inside to the outside: the center copper wire, the plastic insulator, the mesh conductive layer and the wire sheath. But if you want to know exactly how it works keep reading.

    2019 12-11

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