Semi-Rigid Coax Cable
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Semi-Rigid Coax Cable

Semi-rigid coaxial cable finds application in frequency ranges from 500 megahertz (500 MHz) through 65 Gigahertz (65 GHz) and beyond.
Almost any system designed for 500 megahertz and above,and in need of good operational performance and total shielding, can utilize semi-rigid cable.
It is still the best microwave transmission medium available in the world. The solid tubular outer conductor yields 100% RF shielding and enables the dielectric and center conductor to remain precisely spaced. This results in optimum impedance control as well as the lowest possible insertion loss.

Professional Semi Rigid Coax Cable Manufacturer

Hongsen Cable manufactures semi-rigid coax available in 10 Ohm, 25 Ohm, 35 Ohm, 50 Ohm, 70 Ohm and 75 Ohm impedances with PTFE and LD PTFE dielectric. The diameters available are 0.034 inch, 0.043 inch, 0.047 inch, 0.0865 inch, 0.09 inch, 0.141 inch and 0.250 inch with a seamless copper, tin-plated copper, silver plated copper, tinned aluminium or tin-plated aluminium outer conductor. Two types of inner conductors are offered, which are silver plated copper (SPC) or silver plated copper clad steel.

Advantages Of Semi Rigid Coaxial Cable