Brief Introduction to Different Types And Structures of Mini Coaxial Cables
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Brief Introduction to Different Types And Structures of Mini Coaxial Cables

The wires used by the mini coaxial cable manufacturers to produce cables are made up of several conductors twisted together. Mini coaxial cables are mainly composed of internal conductors, insulators, external conductors, sleeves, and other components. Miniature coaxial cable has an excellent high-speed signal transmission and anti-electromagnetic interference, etc., and it can be used for internal wiring of electronic equipment.

Mini coaxial cable manufacturers can be divided into 3 types according to the application

Branch cable: medium and thick cable whose insulation outer diameter is generally more than 7mm, which requires low loss and a certain degree of flexibility.

Trunk cable: Thick cable whose insulation outer diameter is generally above 9mm, which requires low loss and low flexibility.

User distribution network cable: The insulation outer diameter is generally 5mm, and the loss requirement is not the main one, but it requires good flexibility.

The outer conductor of a coaxial cable has a dual function. It not only serves as a wire of the transmission loop but also has a shielding effect. 

Mini Coax Cable  Mini Coaxial Cable

The outer conductor usually has three structures

Metal tube. The ultra thin coax cable of this structure is welded with copper or aluminum tape longitudinally or is made of seamless copper tube extrusion and drawing. This type of structure has good shielding performance, but poor flexibility, and is often used in trunk cables.

Aluminum-plastic composite tape is longitudinally wrapped and overlapped. The miniature coax cable with this structure has a better shielding effect and low manufacturing cost. However, since the outer conductor is a circular tube with longitudinal slits, electromagnetic waves will pass through the slits and leak, so it should be used with caution.

The woven mesh and aluminum-plastic composite belt are combined longitudinally. This is developed from a single woven mesh structure. This mini coaxial cables have the characteristics of good flexibility, lightweight and reliable joints. Experiments have proved that the use of a reasonable composite structure can greatly improve the shielding performance. At present, this structure is widely used.

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