What does it mean that RG178 and RG316 begin with RG in coaxial cable?
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What does it mean that RG178 and RG316 begin with RG in coaxial cable?

We will see these common signs in the coaxial cable, in addition to RG, there will also be SRF, SYV and so on, which mainly represent the model classification of each country or different company of the coaxial cable.

What does it mean that RG178 and RG316 begin with RG in coaxial cable

Use RG178 coaxial cable, SMA male connector to SMA male connector

  1. RG series: take RG-178 as an example, RG is the general name of coaxial RF cable in American military standard MIL-C-17, while 178 is just serial number. different numbers represent different cable material, characteristic impedance, electrical and mechanical performance requirements, etc., covering a wide range.

  2. SRF series: SRF series of low-loss physically foamed coaxial cable manufactured according to LMR standard of American TIMES company, general wire named SRF-LMR-100 and so on.

  3. SYV series: according to the coaxial RF cable series in the national standard GB14864 or line standard SJ1132-77, taking SYV-75-2-1 as an example, SYV is the general name of the type of coaxial radio frequency cable in the national standard GB14864 and line standard SJ1132-77, and the insulation medium is PE. In SYV, S stands for coaxial radio frequency cable, Y for polyethylene, and V for polyvinyl chloride.

"75" stands for resistance, the latter 2 represents its insulation outer diameter (about 2mm), and the last 1 represents the conductor specification: "- 1" represents the conductor structure serial number as a single strand, and "- 2" represents a conductor structure serial number as multiple strands.

We know that coaxial lines are generally divided into 50 ohms and 75 ohms according to impedance, so the serial number after RG will be different.

What does it mean that RG178 and RG316 begin with RG in coaxial cable 2

75-euro coaxial lines are commonly used in video transmission systems such as cable TV, such as RG-179, RG-59.

The coaxial line can also be divided into flexible cable and semi-rigid cable according to softness and hardness.

  1. flexible cords and cables, such as RG-178, RG-174, etc.

  2. semi-rigid cable: for example, RG-401, SFT-50-2-1, etc.

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Applications of RG 178 Cable

RG 178 cable is a thin cable known for its excellent thermal resistance, able to operate in temperatures ranging from -55 to 200 degrees Celsius (-67 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit). It is commonly used for high-frequency transmissions and finds various commercial applications, including:

  1. Testing and measurement

  2. Internal cabling

  3. Television and CCTV

  4. Telecommunications and broadband

  5. Wireless communication infrastructure

Structure and Material Composition of RG178 Coaxial Cable

RG 178 cable has an American Wire Gauge (AWG) of 30 and an overall diameter of 1.83 millimeters (0.071 inches). The bend radius of this cable typically falls between 7.5mm (0.29 inches) and 9.0mm (0.35 inches). The structure of RG 178 cable follows the standard coaxial cable design and includes the following components:

  1. Central conductor: It consists of silver-coated, copper-clad steel with a diameter of 0.3 millimeters (0.01 inches).

  2. Insulation: The conducting core is surrounded by an insulation material, also known as a dielectric, made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with a thickness of 0.86 millimeters (0.03 inches).

  3. Shielding layer: A single metallic shielding layer, woven or braided with silver-coated copper, covers the dielectric. The shield coverage is typically 95% and directly impacts the cable's transmission performance.

  4. External jacket: The cable is protected by an external plastic jacket made from Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), which can be either opaque or transparent.

Electrical Characteristics of RG178 Coaxial Cable

RG178 cable has a relatively precise impedance of 50 Ohms, with a tolerance range of (+/- 2 Ohms), and a Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) of up to 1.3 between 0 and 6 GHz. The conductor resistance of this cable typically measures around 800 Ohms/km, while the dielectric resistance is approximately 3000 Ohms/km. The optimum frequency range for RG178 cable falls between 2.5 GHz and 3 GHz.

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