Market Overview of Mini Coaxial Cables And Ultra-fine Electronic Wire
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Market Overview of Mini Coaxial Cables And Ultra-fine Electronic Wire

The Markets of Mini Coaxial Cables

In recent years, mini coaxial cables have been widely used in notebook computers, medical equipment, digital cameras, and mobile phones. Since 2005, the amount of ultra-mini coaxial cables used to connect mobile phone CPUs and liquid crystal screens (LCD) has also increased dramatically. For example: equipped with a high-resolution digital camera, global positioning system GPS, electronic money, wireless LAN, receiving TV and playing animation, etc. This makes various signals of different frequencies mixed in a mobile phone at the same time, producing interference signals. An ultra-fine coaxial cable product with faster transmission speed, larger capacity, stronger anti-interference, better bending resistance, and better vibration resistance began to quickly replace flexible circuit boards (FPC).

The main leading country for the emergence of miniature products in Japan, such as notebook computers with LED backlights, digital cameras, etc. Part of the production technology control is the miniature coaxial cable and Mini connector, allowing it to firmly occupy the market. In terms of market share, there are three largest manufacturers of ultra-fine coaxial cables and assembly connectors in the world:

1. Sumitomo Electric;

2. Fujikura;

3. Hitachi Cable.

The mini coax cables produced by Sumitomo and Fujikura are mainly used in conjunction with FPC, which almost monopolizes the entire mobile phone market, while Hitachi focuses more on the medical equipment and computer markets.

Demand Forecast of Miniature Coaxial Cable

The extensive demand for Mini products in the Chinese market is calculated in units of 100 million yuan each year, and the most important ones are Chinese manufacturers of mobile phones and notebook computers. One is to get rid of ultra-fine coax cable and Mini connector control, and the other is to reduce manufacturing costs.

In the Chinese market with a population of 1.3 billion, the penetration rate of mobile phones is as high as about 85%, and that of digital cameras and notebook computers is about 50%, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. This phenomenon has caused major manufacturers to strictly control costs, and each link must form a competitive situation so that huge profits will not occur. But whoever can research controllable products in the early stage will get high profits from research and development.

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