Matters Needing Attention When Purchasing Coaxial Cable - 3
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Matters Needing Attention When Purchasing Coaxial Cable - 3

How to wire / route?

Different applications often have very different wiring requirements. The wiring requirements for large outdoor industrial environments are different from those in machinery facilities or aircraft fuselages. From wiring in equipment assemblies to wiring in complex buildings, for almost any environment, there is a corresponding coaxial cable that can meet its needs.

For specific wiring types, coaxial cables have several technical parameters to measure whether they can meet the requirements, including bending radius, maximum load or unsupported wiring conditions, wind load, and various environmental factors and ratings. Normally, such information should be provided to the coaxial cable purchaser, and the exact details of the wiring requirements can be as important as the electrical performance of the cable. Because some applications make the operation of wiring rough, different sheath materials and protective layers are usually used to assist cable installation.

coaxial cable application

What type of connector is needed?

Similar to the case of coaxial cables, there are also many types of coaxial cable connectors. The type of coaxial cable connector is determined by the device, system, or other interconnection devices to be mated with the coaxial cable. However, depending on the size, shielding type, central conductor type, additional layers, and the type of metal used, certain cables may be more suitable for certain types of connectors. Among them, since the contact between different metal conductors may cause corrosion and performance degradation, and eventually lead to failure, it is important to prevent such contacts from occurring.

When using non-dedicated coaxial connectors, some coaxial cables may be oversized or undersized. Many coaxial cable manufacturers provide optimized coaxial connectors for specific cables, and low PIM or low loss applications require the use of dedicated high-performance connectors. In addition, the coaxial connector and the cable can be connected by crimping, welding, and toolless press-fitting. One thing to consider is that not all cables are suitable for certain connection types.

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