What Are The Characteristics of Mini Coaxial Cables?
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What Are The Characteristics of Mini Coaxial Cables?

Mini coaxial cable is a wire composed of an inner conductor, insulator, outer conductor, and sleeve formed by twisting several conductors. The cable has excellent bending resistance, space-saving, high-speed signal transmission, and anti-electromagnetic interference. Miniature coaxial cables applied for internal wiring of electronic devices such as notebook computers and mobile phones, and detection transmission lines for ultrasonic diagnostic.

To reduce the diameter of the small coax cable, it is necessary to reduce the conductor diameter and the wall thickness of the insulator and sleeve. On the other hand, since the resistance will increase when the conductor becomes thinner, the conductor material itself is required to have high conductivity and can withstand repeated bending.

Hongsen has been engaged in the development, casting, drawing, and cable formation of copper alloys that meet the requirements of conductor diameter reduction in the field of micro miniature coaxial cables. At present, the practical use of 16μm copper-tin alloy wire with higher strength than pure copper has been realized. And in the industry, the first 46AWG size (0.048mm diameter) ultra-fine coaxial cable with this copper alloy wire as the internal conductor was put into production. American Wire Gauge is a number unit that indicates the size of a conductor. The larger the number in front of it, the smaller the conductor diameter.

To meet the need for further narrowing of the ultra thin coax cable, the newly developed conductor material copper-silver alloy is used. And by improving casting technology, wire drawing processing technology, metal crystal structure control, processing and heat treatment technology. We have not only developed a superfine copper alloy wire with a diameter of 13μm that is superior to the previous NN alloy wire in conductivity and strength, but also established a mass production technology for this copper alloy wire.

Besides, this copper alloy wire is used as the internal conductor, and the ultra miniature coaxial cable manufacturing technology of 48AWG size (0.039mm in diameter) has been established by improving the ultra-thin extrusion technology of the insulator and sleeve.

It is also planned to apply this 48AWG size super thin coaxial cable to the detection transmission line of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment used in the medical field. The detection transmission line is composed of multiple miniature coaxial cables as signal lines. With the increasing performance of ultrasonic diagnostic devices, the number of signal lines is increasing, and the cable outer diameter tends to increase. However, to insert into the patient's body, due to the increase in use and the demand for improved operation performance, the detection transmission line is required to be thinner.

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