Why Is Micro Coaxial Cable The First Choice for High-speed Transmission Applications?
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Why Is Micro Coaxial Cable The First Choice for High-speed Transmission Applications?

Features And Applications of Micro Coaxial Cable

With the increase in the use of high-speed Internet and mass storage devices, we can easily enjoy high-quality images and videos on consumer products such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. The amount of information that needs to be processed on the device has increased dramatically, and the signal speed (transmission standard) in the device has become faster and faster.

Signal Transmission Advantages of Miniature Coaxial Cable

Signal transmission characteristics are affected by several parameters, including impedance, insertion loss, return loss, and crosstalk. The following are some of the main reasons why miniature coaxial cables are generally considered to have signal transmission advantages in high-speed signal transmission.

Reduce return loss

The center conductor, insulator, and outer conductor of the micro miniature coaxial cables are matched properly, and the performance is stable under a specific impedance. The matched and stable impedance produces low return loss.


Reduce insertion loss

Compared with FPC/FFC, the ultra thin coax cable can ensure a larger cross-sectional area of the center conductor when matching a specific impedance, thereby minimizing insertion loss.

Improve shielding performance

The outer conductor acts as an electromagnetic shield, so the electrical signal transmitted on the center conductor is not easily affected by electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic noise) from the outside. In addition, the shielding effect of the outer conductor helps reduce crosstalk between signals.

Mechanical Advantages of Micro Coaxial Cable

The reason why ultra-fine micro coaxial cable is usually used for high-speed data transmission is that it has higher flexibility than shielded FPC/FFC and can maintain stable electrical characteristics even when bent.

Flexible miniature coax cables are suitable for devices with rotating shafts. The cables need to be routed in the equipment, such as laptop PC tablet rotating shafts and mobile cameras on drones. With the increase in applications including high-definition cameras and panels, along with faster signal transmission speeds, micro coaxial cables that combine high-speed signal characteristics and mechanical advantages have become the preferred solution.

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